Supporting North Dakota's National Parks since 1951!
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Become a Member today and help TRNHA support North Dakota's National Parks. Proceeds from sales of membership donations support Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, and Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge. 


TRNHA partners with the National Park Service in operating visitor centers by providing visitor service clerks.  We also assist with the cost of student internships, volunteer programs, and other conservation efforts.   


TRNHA provides funds to support scientific and oral history research.  Recent funding has been used for mountain lion studies and elk management efforts.


TRNHA assists in the publishing of free trail guides, informational brochures, plant and animal checklists, and the junior ranger program.  In addition to free publications TRNHA also helps educate the public  by funding and hosting special events in the sites we serve. 

Become a member today and enjoy one full year of membership privileges while supporting North Dakota's National Parks!


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